Secrets To Find Your Passion

By | July 9, 2018



The 3 Legs of the Stool To Find Your Passion

What you’re looking for requires three things. It’s really that simple:

Passion: something you have so much fun with that you can enjoy it at least 40 hours a week or forever, ideally to the point where you’d do it for free.

Money: something that actually pays. There has to be enough market demand where people are actually willing to pay you for it.

Skills: you have to be good enough (or the potential to be good enough) compared to your competitors to actually get paid. This includes asking yourself:

Can I get to (or am I currently at) a point where I am better than most or all of the competitors so I can charge an amount that is financially sustainable?

Is anyone actually willing to pay for this (a.k.a. is there any market demand)?

Arguably, you can add an optional fourth leg to the stool later down the journey — or right now. This leg is fulfillment. Some people like to feel fulfillment with their work, whether because it builds their legacy, helps those in need, or makes a positive difference to the world.

There are variations of this model from other people. Ultimately, they all have similar messages.

Why Passion?

Why does it matter to do something you enjoy on a daily basis? Because:

1.You are likely to work harder and longer more sustainably.

2.You are less likely to burn out, stress out, or feel dissatisfied (which is bad      for you and your employer).

3.You have more fun. Life isn’t a chore.

4.You spend most of your life working, so it’s better to love it than hate it.

5.You are less likely to give up when times get tough.

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